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"Nothing is more satisfying to us than knowing that we've positively impacted your business. Get a committed social media design and marketing company working for you. Contact Us, today."

Our clients find us through various means; online marketing, professional and word-of-mouth referrals, and through various events.

Clients vary in size, however, they tend to be small or mid-sized businesses. They usually have a limited marketing and social media staff and are looking for additional expertise. The majority are found in California, however, they range from coast to coast within the United States.

What Clients are Saying:


Industrial Products Manufacturer/Distributer

Bastion helped us come alive on the web by presenting our company and products in an informative and exciting manner. Their work has helped improve our company's market presence and branding efforts, making us easier to find and more recognizable. In addition to helping us launch our website, Bastion has been an incredible service provider for updating, editing, and improving the website as our company grows.

Matt L.

Consumer Cleaning Products eCommerce

Bastion Internet is a full service e-commerce building partner in my eyes. From the ground up they have been fantastic, patient and thorough. I have been with Bastion for well over 4 years and only see more growth through this partnership.

Thank you Bastion!

Tom R.

Financial Services

The group at Bastion Internet are the best professional, focused, and on-task web developers & Internet marketing professionals I've ever worked with in the past five-plus years of our online presence. We've had many false starts and dead ends with other suppliers. The Bastion Internet experience is worlds apart. Their creative solutions to our website challenges were not just fantastic, they were executed with great care and understanding of our core focus. John Boulter is unfailingly responsive to our requests and feedback, his team demonstrate continuously that they're always thinking about ways to optimize our business and our results.

Amir E.

Driving School

I am so happy to be doing business with Bastion Internet. They do a wonderful job with my website design and all of my internet advertising needs. This is a trustworthy company to do business with.

Dee W.

Consumer Products eCommerce

In just one year, our sites revenues have doubled, thanks in large part to the efforts of Bastion Internet. John & Sharon are responsive, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable in the area of paid search. They are a pleasure to work with!

Jessica F.

Financial Software Sales and Service

I recommend Bastion Internet to any company needing both education and execution of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Clearly, the company understands the importance of this type marketing to all company's survival in the 21st century. Bastion Internet increased our awareness of the world wide web and has led to greater exposure which in turn has to led to more inquiries and in turn has increase revenue and thus profitability.

Douglas L.

Insurance Services

After years of utilizing an unsatisfactory corporate website, we decided to invest in our web presence by creating an entirely new website coupled with search engine optimization. For this, we contracted with John Boulter and his staff at Bastion Internet in early 2010. John and his staff created a website that properly reflected our company image and further branded my insurance agency through SEO. I am very satisfied with final product and everyone at Bastion Internet was a consummate professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend John and his staff.

David D.

Legal Services

I finally picked a web developer/seo company who not only has integrity, and uses 'white hat' seo methods but who knows exactly how to produce a quality site. I am very proud of the site that Bastion made for me. The best thing I can say about it is that it makes me look very professional and tangible. I am also aware that some of Bastion's competitors charge 3 times as much for this quality. I did not hire Bastion or John for SEO services, but John gave me some free tips about that and the site for free. I got really lucky this time around!

Ari M.

Personal Services – Hair Stylist

This woman called me after she "found my WEBSITE" to make an appointment for her and her husband. She came in last night to discuss what we will be doing to her next week then proceeded to send her husband in from the car as she went home with the kids. This big, huge guy walks in. It was Nick Barnett from the Greenbay Packers #56!

Because of you I am not only getting more business but a signed jersey for my son - WOW!!! Now you definitely need to share this story and praise yourself.

Kim W.


Thanks for the great work. BASTION INTERNET ROCKS!

Jules M.

Corporate Security

With just a concept, but not a clue how to display it, John and the staff of Bastion Internet were able to take my dreams and facilitate their reality. Within weeks, John had packaged a product so far beyond my expectations, and steered my visions right on to the world wide web. It was his specific attention to detail, questions and composure that put my site on the map. Now, the professionalism and praise for the site is a definite ingredient to our success. Thank you Bastion!!

Rick Cuddy

Orthopedic Surgery

I have worked with John at Bastion Internet for 4 years. In the time I have worked with him I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and diligent, with a keen attention to detail. He has always been able to help me with all of the needs that I have and has found me concise, cost effective options. Our website gets compliments on a daily basis and the ease of working with John has been amazing. I strongly recommend John and Bastion Internet for your website needs.

Stacey J. Westfall

Apparel Designer

Bastion Internet not only meets all of your website needs, but does so in a courteous, efficient, and creative manner. John Boulter, president, is readily available and approaches your project from a perspective of your target market and objectives. His primary concern is your success, as you work as a team to design the optimum site maximizing your talent and exposure. An effective website is essential...Bastion Internet provides the service and expertise exceeding far beyond expectation.

Bettina Rogers