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"Go social! Successfully take advantage of the biggest opportunity to connect with new prospects and old customers since the creation of the website. We Can help - Contact Us, today."

We'll help take you to the next level - whether you're brand new to Facebook business pages or already have your account in place.

Facebook has grown into a behemoth. Originally intended to allow "friends" to connect and update one another on their comings and goings, Facebook's sheer size has made it a very attractive place for businesses to connect with their communities (i.e. prospects, customers, industry peers, news outlets, and more).

Facebook is also a moving target – from both a design and an Internet marketing perspective. It's continually evolving to meet user demand and competitive pressures.

To be successful, you need to set your social objectives and have a plan in place to meet them – otherwise – Facebook becomes just a big time sink.

Pricing / Budgets:

Prices range based on your objectives. Many companies start simply by upgrading their basic Page to a professional look - for around $500. Or, you can expand to add "Like" building apps, and an extensive services area (like a mini website within Facebook). This can add another $500 - $2,000 to your budget.

Finally, you can have Bastion Internet help with ongoing efforts to manage your Page, monitor and add to your postings, and build your Likes ($200-$1000 per month is typical).


The first step is to determine what kind of presence you want and how that fits into your budget. Once we've agreed upon a scope of services, Bastion will get to work by helping you set specific strategy and objectives for your Facebook efforts.

The subsequent design process, ongoing management services, and Like building techniques are very interactive. We'll walk hand in hand with you to make sure your Page and the efforts to grow its reach are compatible with how you like to do business.


Facebook has become a mini Internet unto itself. You need to put just as much care and attention into the design of your Page as you do into your website. Facebook offers many areas for professional personalization and customization including – banners, profile pics, and apps tabs along with their icons.

Bastion Internet will give you a professional yet online-social look that will make your prospective community happy to become a part of your social network. Additionally, if you choose to advertise within Facebook, a well-designed Page is a must!


Building Your Community:

You build your community by attracting "Likes" and having those people become an interactive part of your Facebook presence. There are various ways to attract new Likes to your Page including offers, advertising, and integration with your other web properties (e.g. website), and marketing programs (e.g. email).

It's also important to trade quality information with people who Like you and those that post on your wall. That means taking an active role in the day-to-day monitoring and participation within your Page. Bastion Internet can either play a lead or supporting role. Turn it all over to us or simply get our input from time to time.

Integrating Your World:

A successful Facebook strategy involves having outside entry and exit points. You'll want to drive people to your Facebook Page through your website, email marketing, and traditional media advertising. You'll also want to lead them out of Facebook so the User can further research and conduct business with your company (e.g. through your website), sign up for ongoing communications (e.g. email subscriptions), or simple call or contact you directly out of Facebook.

At Bastion Internet, we understand the whole scope of web-based design and Internet marketing. We are uniquely suited to make your Facebook Page an integral and integrated part of your whole web strategy.

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