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whether your site's focus is marketing, sales, support, or all of the above. We'll give it beauty and functionality all tailored to your target audience!

  • Socialize Your Brand
  • Create Buzz
  • Interact with Your Base
  • Custom Profile Design
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Calendar Planning

"Whether you want to engage in a full Twitter strategy or just be able to put a "T" on your website to show you are up-to-date, we can help! Contact us, today."

Twitter allows you to send short messages to your "Followers". These messages keep you connected and will often allow you to show a more human and friendly side to your company's personality. It's great for letting customers know about specials, product tips, time-sensitive offers, and yes, even when you're eating a doughnut.

Pricing / Budgets:

Custom Twitter profile designs run $300-$400. Ongoing Twitter strategic consulting, support, and monitoring can range from $250-$1,000/month.


Start by establishing your desired commitment level to Twitter – do you want to be a full time player or just get in the game. Bastion will help you take a look at your internal resources and what you can accomplish using company resources and what's best to outsource.

Initial Design:

Although Twitter has released "Brand Pages" for large brands spending a lot of money, most Users will likely not be in that category. Often, the best plan is to get a quality background and profile image for your account. Bastion Internet uses its deep design skills and resources to give you just that.


Once you've got your account ready to go, it's a matter of engaging with the Twitter platform and your followers. Choose to do this on your own or involve Bastion Internet to help with strategy, planning, creating a Tweet schedule, and integration into the rest of your marketing.



Integrate Twitter into your website, blog, and more. Bastion can ensure your website, email marketing and other marketing promote your Twitter account.

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