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"Google is absolutely serious about making its mark in the social media world. Take advantage of their efforts to make your own mark. Contact us, today."

Google+ is a social network platform positioned to challenge Facebook's domination of the social media space. Google sees the future of search as having a large social component and is taking steps to be a major player within it.

As a business owner, you can create and tailor the look of your Google+ account profile and page; use it to attract, develop, and enhance relationships with prospects and customers. Google+ allows you to use multiple media to directly and indirectly interact with your + community.

Pricing / Budgets:

Prices range based on your objectives. Your first priority should be to optimize the design elements of your profile; your image, subtitle, scrapbook, account-formatted HTML areas, and links. Prices for this are in the $500-$750 range.

Once you have that in place, you can have Bastion Internet help with ongoing efforts to manage your account, monitor and add to your postings, and build your following ($200-$1000 per month is typical).


First Bastion will help you determine the type of presence you want and how that fits into your budget. Once we've agreed upon a scope of services, we'll get to work by helping you set specific strategy and objectives for your Google+ efforts.

After the design elements are in place, we'll transition into ongoing management services and +1 building. Google+ is still relatively new and the best ways to take advantage of it are yet to be discovered. By paying close attention early on, you'll be positioned to make the most of it.


An enhanced design largely revolves around the creativity and quality of your Profile area, including your image, scrapbook, and modifying the HTML formatting in allowed areas.

Bastion Internet will give you that professional yet online-social look that will make your prospective community happy to become a part of your network.

Integrating Your World and Building Community:

A successful Google+ strategy involves taking advantage of your other web properties (e.g. your website) and Google's other properties to promote your Google+ account and have it, in turn, promote your website.

You'll want to drive people to your Google+ account through your website, email marketing, and traditional media advertising. You'll also want to lead them out of Google+ so the User can further research and conduct business with your company (e.g. through your website), sign up for ongoing communications (e.g. email subscriptions), or simply call or contact you directly out of Google+.

Because Bastion Internet understands the whole scope of web-based design and Internet marketing, we are uniquely suited to integrate your entire web strategy – website, social media, email marketing, and more.

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